Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Who are God's Chosen People?

One thing that has bothered me for some time is the fact that the Bible (which is supposed to be a history of man and his dealings with God up to about 2000 years ago) only concerns people that lived in and around Jerusalem. God's chosen people are the Hebrews or Jews. What made them so special that they were considered "chosen"? Why did God neglect the rest of the world? No one outside of this area ever heard of God until global trade started to take place. None of the asian countries were Jewish or Christian. Europe wasn't Jewish or Christian until after this time, when Constantine spread Christianity throughout the Roman Empire. None of the ancient americans were Jewish or Christian (unless you believe the Book of Mormon). Why is this? I don't bye the fact that God enabled people like Moses or Paul or Nephi to spread the word of the Jewish or Christian God. Their reach was simply way too small.

Mormons will tell you that Lehi's journey to the America's could have been to preach the Gospel to the people of America. The problem here is that the limited geography theory of the Book of Mormon has no proof or backing, and there is no record in the Book of Mormon about preaching the Gospel to Native Americans. Of course there is always the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon that apologists will tell you probably contains this information, but that the world is just not ready for that information yet.

Even if that is true, why not the Asians, and why not the Africans? It just doesn't make sense. The old testament only speaks of the Jewish God. The new testament only speaks of the Christian God. And neither of these Gods existed prior to 6,000 years ago, so all the humans that lived before Adam and Eve didn't have a God. Again, this just doesn't make sense.